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 A little bit of Courage

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PostSubject: A little bit of Courage   A little bit of Courage Icon_minitime11/7/2008, 8:09 pm

So in I guess contrast to all the crazies who are ranting and raving about having a black president, which by the way is awesome! I thought of this and wrote it up. Hopefully people stop trying to keep everything the same as it was 300+ years ago. Its the 21st century, get over yourselves already.

A seismic change has come about to the American people. Normally that would be a good thing and maybe in most cases it is, but only if people (mainly you as an individual) pay attention to it. Because if you don't then your going to miss everything worth fighting for. It doesn't matter who you are or who you believe in or who you love, it just matters if you show enough courage to be different amidst those who might hate you for it. That's all that matters, being strong enough to stand up for your beliefs and show the world what you have to offer. There's no shame in not fully understanding what you believe in as long as you show the courage to make an effort. That's it. Bond together and watch the world change, because in this day and age its all about change! And its up to you whether you accept it or not! So what are you going to do?
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A little bit of Courage
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