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PostSubject: WC #2   WC #2 Icon_minitime8/29/2008, 11:07 pm

I took this from the one book I have, but its a good idea to use to get writing.

In this chapter, the sentence “My family had a big dinner” is compared to the detail-filled sentence “Aunt Grace swept out of her kitchen with trays of turkey, baked ham, whipped potatoes, plates of green beans and almonds, sweet potato and marshmallow casserole, fruit salad, green salad, sweet and sour pickle wedges, black olives, sourdough rolls, and so many desserts that we feared her antique dining room table would buckle under the heavy load.” Take a similar distinctive memory from your own life and try to paint a picture. Did you cousin Myra always wear crazy outfits? Show us. Did your brother drive like a maniac? Show us. Did you make a fool of yourself on the first day of soccer practice? Show us, in four or five specific and particular detail-laden sentences.

you can make it just a couple sentences or make it as long as you want. Whatever you need in order to make it work. Have fun. Write what you know. or make it up. Whatever works for you. Post them here that way, all stories will be easy to find. instead of having to hunt through hundreds of posts.
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