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PostSubject: Grandeur Gone   Grandeur Gone Icon_minitime8/29/2008, 12:35 am

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I waited for you,
That cold dark night.
The sky was dark blue,
The stars were so bright.

You never came back,
Much to my dismay.
I wonder about this,
Every day.

Sweet were the whispers,
Soft was the touch.
You hid it so well,
But I miss it so much.

Your eyes were so bright,
They showed no despair.
And I now realize,
You were never really there.

Our blindness can shield us,
From sorrow and pain.
Your gone now forever,
In my heart you remain.

Life is much darker,
All grandeur is gone.
Oh how the heart aches,
When I hear this sad song.

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Grandeur Gone
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