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 Would you rather.........

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Would you rather......... Empty
PostSubject: Would you rather.........   Would you rather......... Icon_minitime8/3/2008, 1:20 am

Would you rather.........

1. Would you rather..
* Eat a lot you hate and get $3
* Eat a little you like and lose $3

2. Would you rather
* Be trapped in a cage for four hours
* Be trapped in hell for one hour

3. Would you rather
* Become a famous singer
* Become a famous actor

4. Would you rather smell like
* Rotten tomatoes
* Skunk

5. Would you rather
* be friends with Paris Hilton
* be friends with Lindsay Lohan

6. Would you rather
* kiss sixty dead possums
* kiss ten live tarantulas

7.Would you rather
* be a computer
* be a television

8. Would you rather
* Die of drinking something poisonous
* Die of eating something poisonous

9. Would you rather
* Be a famous celebrity
* Be a famous Broadway Star

10. Would you rather
* Get everything you ever wanted and be alone
* Have great friends and have nothing
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Would you rather.........
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