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 [IMPORTANT RULES] Constructive/Creative Criticism Rules!

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[IMPORTANT RULES] Constructive/Creative Criticism Rules! Empty
PostSubject: [IMPORTANT RULES] Constructive/Creative Criticism Rules!   [IMPORTANT RULES] Constructive/Creative Criticism Rules! Icon_minitime8/21/2008, 1:45 am

Creative/Constructive Criticism Rules

1. WRITERS WARNING: When posting a story that you what creative/constructive criticism on expect people to be honest with you. The world of writing is not sugar coated and I donít think you expect it to be either. Please at the end of each story state if you want CC or just reviews.
CC= What to change, help with grammar mistakes, how to make it flow better, troubles with conventions.
Reviews= Whether a person liked it or not. What you liked, what you didnít.

Please note the difference between the two.
Writers if you cannot handle the CC maturely do not ask for it. If you pick a fight over a CC you will be warned.

2. CRITIC AND REVIEWER WARNING: Be respectful of the persons views on life and the story they are writing. This is their story not yours. When reviewing please be honest with the writer, but do not bash the story or the writer. When giving out CC please try to use positive wording, negative wording puts a psychological block on their writing, be respectful.

please note if you are not respectful to the writer it will result in a warning

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[IMPORTANT RULES] Constructive/Creative Criticism Rules!
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