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 R{For safety}: Their Happily Ever After- Reagan

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R{For safety}: Their Happily Ever After- Reagan Empty
PostSubject: R{For safety}: Their Happily Ever After- Reagan   R{For safety}: Their Happily Ever After- Reagan Icon_minitime8/21/2008, 12:19 am

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Her hear was racing as the door opened. They locked eyes and smiled. Before she could open her mouth to speak he pressed a kiss onto her lips.

She sighed with relief, and melted into his arms as they kissed. She followed his lead as he pushed her back into the couch and rested himself lightly on top of her.

He knew, she knew. It would never work out. As long as they both lived, their love could never be.

His lips traveled down her neck to her chest, her head sunk back into the pillow as she let him take over her body. Running her hands over the back of his head she smiled and relaxed even more.

“I love you,” she said as she felt his hands run down her sides and up her shirt.

He kissed her stomach as he raised her shirt up over her head. They both giggled as they readjusted themselves.

“You know this cannot go past tonight?” She said as he kissed the side of her mouth.

“I know,” she sighed as she fingered the ring on her left hand.

“I love you too,” He slid her skirt down her body.

They made love for the first and only time. They may not have had their happily ever after, but they did have one thing:

The night they said their love aloud to each other. And they would never forget it, and that was better than happily ever after.

this was a reply to the Not Your Normal Fairytale post for one shot. its not that great i just tried my hand at it.

Review it here

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R{For safety}: Their Happily Ever After- Reagan
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