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PostSubject: Poem   Poem Icon_minitime8/20/2008, 7:25 pm

Write a poem using this outline. The idea is to be creative in what you write. Have fun.

On line 1: Write the name of selected character. [make up your own]
On line 2: List four nouns or adjectives that describe this character.
On line 3: Write and fill in this statement: A character in name the authorís story about _____.
On line 4: A lover of.... (list 3 - 4 specific people, things, ideas)
On line 5: Who notices..... (list 3 - 4 specific things)
On line 6: Who feels..... (3 - 4 specific listings
On line 7: Who learns ________________ from ______________ (2 - 3 listings)
On line 8: Who dreams....or hopes.....or wishes......
On line 9: Title of the book [can be anything]
On line 10: A book/story that ..................

I know it sounds confusing but its really not. Let me know if you have any questions.
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