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 [IMPORTANT] Rules and Regulations!

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[IMPORTANT] Rules and Regulations! Empty
PostSubject: [IMPORTANT] Rules and Regulations!   [IMPORTANT] Rules and Regulations! Icon_minitime8/2/2008, 11:56 pm

[IMPORTANT] Rules and Regulations! Auncle_sam_pointing_finger
Please Read the following Rules

We are a new forum, who deeply care about writing and everything that goes into it. Keeping that in mind, we have a few rules.

  • Be Respectful. Don't post anything that can personally offend somebody. I will delete it and then yell at you..
  • Don't spam the board, trying to get a higher post count, I will once again yell at you.
  • Please don't make me yell at you! I'm not a fan of it. Act your age and it won't be a problem.
  • If your posting an article, a picture anything, please try to credit where ever it came from. i.e. website link, magazine title... etc
  • This is a forum for creative writing. This is not a place to post real life stories that you have written about certain celebrities and the works. There are plenty of other places on the web to do just that.
  • Keep in mind that I am not your mother and despise having to hold peoples hands. If you have a question ask! Its better to ask if your unsure than do something and get in trouble for it. Its supposed to be fun. Writing is fun. It gives you a chance to be creative and let your imagination run wild.

And lastly, if you've actually read these rules and understand them, then Please reply back with your name so that we know that you've read them. Thanks

-Kate & Linda
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[IMPORTANT] Rules and Regulations!
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