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 Childhood POV

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PostSubject: Childhood POV   Childhood POV Icon_minitime8/3/2008, 1:45 am

Think of an important place or event from your childhood. Write a fictionalized story about a child who goes to this place or this event as a children's book for someone about the same age that you were when you were in the place or involved in the event. Because you're writing a fictionalized record of the place or event, your details don't have to conform to actual truth. You can weave two or three (or more) memories about the place together in one story. You can make up things about the place that you're not sure of or that you wish had occurred. Your story should show how you thought and felt about the place or event as a child. Your reader has never been to the place you are describing, so you will need to use specific, concrete details which make the place vivid and your perspectives clear.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Choose a place that you are comfortable talking about and sharing with other people. Don't dredge up memories that you don't want to deal with or aren't ready to deal with. If you're having trouble writing about a childhood place, talk to me and we'll find an alternative with which you do feel comfortable.

Remember to have fun writing and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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Childhood POV
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