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PostSubject: Story Shuffle   Story Shuffle Icon_minitime1/25/2009, 7:19 pm


Since this was written using whatever song popped up on my iTunes, I'm providing you with the ability to download the songs I've used as well Songs

Hope you like them, totally first draft, choppy, and in need of some serious help. but I'm picky, Read enjoy and tell me what you think.

1. Andrew Bird - Natural Disaster:
The sun rose up over the trees, basking the house in a gentle warm glow. A woman sat on the porch sipping her coffee, unaware she was being watched from a distance. she turned her head slightly, smiling softly, asking them to come closer. the other person padded softly across the porch crddling the small child to her chest, while the other wobbled along beside her mother.

'They wanted to see where you were.' she paused running her hand over the baby's soft hair, 'very stubborn children we have here.'

she reached out and took her daughter into her arms, breathing in her soft scent, 'they may be stubborn but they sure are cute.' she paused placing a kiss on her soft head, 'God I missed being here, I missed them.'

the other woman sat down carefully, gently, trying not to wake up her son. she leaned over and placed a light kiss on her lips, 'I've missed you being here as well.'

2. In the Heights - Alabanza:
they sat quietly, waiting for the rest of the people to leave, to be alone. they needed to mourn, in their own way, without the rest of the world watching. they couldn't bring him back but that didn't change anything. they needed they're moment. each of them had their own memories, each different and unique. she was the first to break, tears streaming down her face. she stood up, cradling her daughter into her chest, gently rocking and swaying. she was trying to calm her self down and her daughter at the same time. humming a soft lullaby as she danced around the front of the church. the others watched, tears in their own eyes, watching they're friend break down. finally. after they hadn't seen her do much of anything besides stare off into space. he leaned his head against his partner, watching his best friend mourn her husband. but she was lucky. she finally had everything and nothing at the same time. her beautiful daughter kept her going but she wasn't really there. when her husband died, part of her did as well. and nobody would ever understand it.

3. Ella Fitzgerald - Rock it for Me:
she laid sprawled out on the couch, wiggling and shifting to the music playing on her ipod, unaware she was being watched. her wife giggled softly to herself watching the woman she loved dance away in her own little world. the woman on the couch stood up, her eyes closed and continued swaying around the room. she stopped in front of where her wife was standing, grabbing her arms and continued her dance around the room.

4. Show Boat - Kim's Charleston
'Marry me'

her head whipped around, puzzled and intriqued at the same time. 'what?' she whispered.

'Marry me,' she answered back, 'marry me a little,' she stepped closer, 'lets be in love until we're 80. what do you say?'

she continued to stare, shocked and amazed at where this was coming from, 'are you serious?'

the other woman stepped closer, 'very serious.'

she turned sideways in her seat, watching her as she walked closer and closer, a little afraid of what was coming. 'I don't know what to say.'

she stepped closer and kneeled down in front of her girlfriend, smiling slightly when she heard her take a short breath, what about yes,' and held out her hand. in it was a small dark blue velvet box. unopened. 'When you figure out the answer, I'll be on the porch.' she placed the box on the table, kissed her lighty on the lips and walked out of the room.

the other woman slowly reached her hand out, feeling the coolness of the velvet. she took hold of the box, opening it slightly, perplexed when there was nothing in it. nothing but a note.

it read, 'if your answer is yes, come fine me.'

she laughed to herself, stood up and went out to the porch.

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Story Shuffle
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